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Event Makeup VS Commercial Makeup

August 2, 2015

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Makeup Artist Bridal Season Etiquette

At Makeup Artist Studio we teach many things in the classroom that carry right over into real life. Etiquette when it comes to bridal makeup is a trickier subject. Many of the skills you need can be learned, but some common sense also comes into play when talking about how you carry yourself as a professional artist and business person. Bridal season can be long and stressful if you aren’t prepared correctly for it. Here are some unwritten rules of being a treasured artist that will get you hired again and again for the best jobs.


Make Sure You Are Always Early


Never ever be late to a job. The timeline of wedding preparation is sometimes very tight. Schedules have to be kept to allow the events of the day to unfold correctly for all involved. The day before, make sure you know exactly where you are going, how to get there, and the exact time you need to leave. You’ll always benefit from being early or on time, so that you don’t have to rush through your set-up.


Allot Your Time Correctly For The Bride


Make sure you plot out your time as accurately as possible for how many people you have to do. Obviously you are going to give the most time to the bride. It’s her big day after all! You still have to make sure that anyone’s makeup you are doing has enough time to look gorgeous. Just not quite as phenomenal as the bride. Wink ... wink.

Have the styling area separate from the others, so that you have a quiet area to focus on the bride to make her comfortable. If she wants to be chatty and surrounded by others, it’s her call, but always take her wishes into consideration. An MP3 player with soft and relaxing music is a nice addition to your work station.


Have Your Pro Kit Well Stocked


You don’t want to run out of anything. Make sure you have supplies like cotton swabs, spatulas, tissues, and mascara wands. Our website, www.mualearn.com offers 30 percent off to students, so you can get some of these supplies at a substantial discount. Have extras of everything. Don’t forget to bring a supply of your business cards to hand out, so that you can secure future business.


Clean Up and Finalize Payment Before You Leave


It’s always best to make sure you get paid before you do the makeup. Things can get rushed towards the end and you don’t want to have to chase down a busy bride to pay you. If you have a credit card swiping app on your smartphone, that’s always a plus. The bride might even put an extra big tip in there for you if she can do it on her credit card, instead of by check or cash.


Above all be professional, considerate, calming during your artistry moment for all your brides and bridal parties. This terrific attitude will surely get you some repeat business to make your career flourish.


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